[Pre-Order] [NEW] Nekosan no Cape Marine Style Proof Japan [MAY 2020]


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Release Date : 20 MAY 2020.
***If you buy “Pre-Order items” and “in Stock items” together, your whole order will not be shipped until all pre-order items released.

*NEW. Fits to Tamagotchi ON, meets, m!x, etc.

*Model :
1.Neko marine Blue
2.Neko marine Grey
3.Neko marine Black
4.Neko marine White Blue
5.Neko marine White Red

*Size : it fits to m!x/ meets Tamagotchi.

*This is a cover for small round shape things. It is not made for Tamagotchi, but it fits to Tamagotchi, m!x, meets. Please see below sample pictures ( picture is different model  ,Same size )


1.Neko marine Blue, 2.Neko marine Grey, 3.Neko marine Black, 4.Neko marine White Blue, 5.Neko marine White Red

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