[NEW] Ouchi de Rilakkuma -Rilakkuma ga Ouchi ni yattekita – Nintendo Switch Japan [5 NOV 2020]


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*Japanese Product. The language is in Japanese only.

Living with Rilakkuma, every day without trying

Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori have taken up residence in your home before you know it.
They live a selfish life, lounging around and playing with their toys. Sometimes they litter, scribble on the walls, or do other troublesome things. They are not very helpful, but for some reason, they have a mysterious charm that makes you smile just by looking at them.

Let’s get a little exercise every day!

In this game, you can play Rilakkuma and a simple fitness game together. If you keep up with it every day, without trying too hard, maybe it will help you get a little bit of exercise.

You can choose between the course mode, which allows you to keep track of your time every day, and the free mode, which allows you to play for a little while.

Play together and refresh!

When Korilakkuma wants to play “play, play, play”, let’s play with him once in a while.

The rock-paper-scissors game is like brain training and the snowball fight in the room is a great way to relieve stress! Before you know it, you’ll be in a frenzy!

You can choose a little bit of a stylish room.

The game takes place in your home, which you can choose from a variety of stylish interiors, such as a seaside resort with a pleasant sea breeze, a Brooklyn-style brick wall, or a stylish interior.

We’ll be able to play with each other and give them treats…

You can pinch Rilakkuma’s cheeks, stroke him, feed him pancakes, and enjoy all kinds of communication with him.

If you go out for a picnic, you can even meet Chairoi Koguma!


Condition : NEW
JAN: 4549767104690
Product Company : NIPPON COLUMBIA
Region : Free
Language: Japanese Only
Genre: Relaxed Communication / Play Mode/Personnel: TV Mode…1 person, Table Mode…1 person, Mobile Mode…1 person /
Supported Devices: Nintendo Switch