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[NEW] paper nano PNC-004 Rilakkuma Kawada Japan 2019


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[NEW] paper nano PNC-004 Rilakkuma Kawada Japan 2019

“Rilakkuma” appears in the paper nano character line.

● Production time is about 1 hour. It is a series that makes it easy to create a 3D work, so it is also recommended for those who make paper crafts for the first time.
● The parts sheet that has been finely cut by laser processing can be removed by hand or cutter! If you assemble according to the attached instructions, the work that is precisely expressed will be completed.
● The warm texture and color unique to paper are key.
● What to prepare: Tweezers, quick-drying adhesive for paper (type that becomes transparent when dry)

Condition : NEW

Size: 70x75x70mm

Product Company : Kawada