[NEW] Pocket Monster Gachitto Get Daze! Monster Ball Go! Takara Tomy Japan [JUL 2021]


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Dream and Adventure in “Gachiget Action”! To the world of Pocket Monsters! Let’s Go!

A hands-on Monster Ball LCD toy linked to the TV animation is now available!

(1) Experience the challenge of getting the ball with “Gachiget Action”!

Get Pokémon with “Gachiget Action” by closing the ball in time!
The “Get Challenge” consists of 24 kinds of sensory games such as calling out Pokémon with your voice, blowing on them, and poking them with your tongue!
You can set the Pokémon you get as “Aibo” on your home screen or battle them in the Pokémon World Championships!

(2) Watch the TV animation and link your Monster Ball!

When the title of the animated TV series “Pokémon” is called, your Monster Ball will react and release a special course!
Check out the official website for more information on the TV anime linkage!

(3) You can get more than 400 Pokémon, including the latest Pokémon and legendary and phantom Pokémon!

Pokémon from the TV anime, Kyodai Max Pokémon, and many other Pokémon appear!
Will you be able to meet the legendary and phantom Pokémon?

JAN: 4904810177708
Manufacturer: Tomy
Package size: W140 x H180 x D130mm
Target age: 4 years old and up

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