[Pre-Order][NEW] Pokemon Card Game Sword and Shield Expansion Pack -Silver Lance / Jet-Black Spirit BOX [ 23 APR 2021 ] Pokemon Japan

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Release Date :23 APR 2021.
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Silver Lance (Hakugin no Lance )  / Jet-Black Spirit (Shikkoku no Geist)

1 Box = 30 packs. 1 pack = 5 cards. 150 cards totally.
Card : All 70 + ??? types.
Product Company : Pokemon Japan
JAN: 4521329306438 / 4521329306452

*If you want to buy more than 6 boxes, please make another purchase.
*If you would like to purchase a combination of boxes not on the list, please contact us.
*This product cannot be ordered at the same time as other booster boxes.


1x Silver Lance & 1x Jet-Black Spirit, 2x Silver Lance & 2x Jet-Black Spirit, 3x Silver Lance & 3x Jet-Black Spirit, 1x Silver Lance, 2x Silver Lance, 4x Silver Lance, 6x Silver Lance, 1x Jet-Black Spirit, 2x Jet-Black Spirit, 4x Jet-Black Spirit, 6x Jet-Black Spirit

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