[NEW] PUI PUI Molcartchi – Orange | Cream Bandai [ OCT 2021 ]


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A version of the popular CG animation “molcar” is now available for the “Tamagotchi” series!

When you take care of the “babymolcar,” an original character only available in “Molcacchi,” you’ll be able to see which molcar it grows into.
You can feed it carrots when it’s hungry, lettuce when it’s cranky, clean it up when it poops, etc. You can enjoy playing with it.

There are also mini-games that only molcar can play!

You can play three mini-games: the emergency molcar rushes to the hospital, the police molcar chases criminals, and the molcar is washed.Be careful not to skip taking care of them, because if you skip taking care of them, they will torment you and go away.

Product size: 40mm
The program is the same for all colors.
The image is for illustrative purposes only.

(All items other than those included in this product are sold separately.

Set contents
PUI PUI molcartchi … 1

LR44 x 2 (included)
The batteries in the set are for testing purposes only.


Orange, Cream