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[NEW] R2-D2 TAMAGOTCHI Bandai Japan [ NOV 13 2021]


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R2-D2, the beloved droid from the popular “Star Wars” movie, is now available in the Tamagotchi nano series!

Depending on how you take care of R2-D2, he will change into a different R2-D2 with different skills. You can recharge him when he is low on energy, clean him, and enjoy taking care of him.

A total of 9 mini-games are included to enjoy the world of the movie.

In addition to the two mini-games that can be played with any R2-D2 skill, there are seven mini-games that change depending on R2-D2’s skill mode!

In addition, at regular intervals, popular characters from the movie such as Boba Fett, Yoda, and C-3PO will appear.

Product size: approx. 4cm
The program is the same for all colors.

Set includes
User’s Manual…1

LR44 x 2 (included)
The batteries in the set are for testing purposes only.

Premium Bandai


Classic color ver. (White), Holographic ver. (Blue)