[Pre-Order] [NEW] [Reproduce] Digimon Adventure / Tamers Plush Doll S-Size [ Late JUN 2021 ] Sanei Boueki Japan


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Release Date : Late JUN 2021
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*New. Reproduced in JUN 2021
*6 Models:

1.Agumon /  W120×D140×H160 mm
2.Gabumon / W150×D210×H250 mm
3.Gomamon / W140×D170×H170 mm
4.Patamon / W90×D140×H130 mm
5.Gatomon(Tailmon) / W150×D120×H180 mm
6.Terriermon / 175x92x220mm

*Product Comapny : Sanei Boueki


1.Agumon, 2.Gabumon, 3.Gomamon, 4.Patamon, 5.Gatomon(Tailmon), 6.Terriermon

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