[NEW] Rilakkuma -Kori-Kogu Fluffy Angel- Pass Case San-X Official Japan 2020


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[NEW] Rilakkuma -Kori-Kogu Fluffy Angel- Pass Case San-X Official Japan 2020

Kori-Kogu (Korilakkuma & Chairoi Koguma) fluffy angel theme

When the time to go home approaches. A shooting star we saw together on the way home.
Korilakkuma and Chairoi Koguma ask the stars to play with them more.

After the starlight became dazzling, before long, Korilakkuma and Chairoi Koguma were on the fluffy clouds.
Have fun with the glittering stars.

Playing on the shooting star slide, dozing on the moon’s couch…
They were woken up by Kiiroitori, who came to pick them up anxiously.

When they thought it was just a dream, they found a sparkling star souvenir in their hands.
It was Korilakkuma and Chairoi Koguma who spent a strange and enjoyable time together.

Popular stars and moon motifs, two cute little angels wearing angel wings!
This is a story in a cute dream.

Product Description

Pass & Card Case is here!
With jewels! You can store all your coins and cards in one place.
It comes with a strap so you can hang it on your bag or briefcase!

Size: H130 x W80mm
Material: synthetic leather with lamé
Specifications: with bijoux and strap


Product Company : San-X

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