[NEW] Rilakkuma -Odekake Plushie Reel Mascot Strap and Okigae Clothes -San-X Official Japan 2020


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[NEW] Rilakkuma -Plushie Reel Mascot Strap -San-X Official Japan 2020

Odekake Plushie Reel Mascot Strap
Here’s a warm, fluffy plushie key chain!

Let’s take a picture with a variety of clothes!
The key ring is removable! You can also play with it as a plushie.

Size: H110mm
Material: Dry and fluffy boa
Specification: with key holder parts

Okigae Clothes
Let’s go out with the Rilakkumas and enjoy taking pictures with them.

Package size: H110 x W100mm
Material: Polyester
Specification: Compatible with outing plushie key holders.

Condition : NEW

Product Company : San-X


1. Strap : Rilakkuma, 2. Strap : Korilakkuma, 3. Strap : Chairoi Koguma, 4. Strap : Kiiroi Tori, 5. Okigae : Riders, 6. Okigae : Down Jacket, 7. Okigae : Check Jacket, 8. Okigae : Boa Hoodie

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