[NEW] Rilakkuma Potetto Plush Doll San-X Official


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[NEW] Rilakkuma Potetto Plush Doll San-X Official

A small, palm-sized plushie.

It is made of super mochimochi boa fabric and marshmallow polyester cotton, which gives it an indescribable feeling of elasticity.

The body is also very cute and shapely!

Let them sit in your room and be healed together with Rilakkuma and his friends.

It is also recommended to display them in a group of four good friends.

Size: H185 x W140 x D80mm (varies depending on character)
Made of super mochi mochi boa, with marshmallow polyester cotton

Model : 1.Rilakkuma  | 2.Korilakkuma | 3.Kiiroitori | 4.Chairoi Koguma

Condition : NEW
Product Company : San-X Official


1.Rilakkuma, 2.Korilakkuma, 3.Kiiroitori, 4.Chairoi Koguma

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