[NEW] Rilakkuma -Rilakkuma Douwa-Plush Doll Set San-X Official Japan 2020


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[NEW] Rilakkuma -Rilakkuma Douwa-Plush Doll Set San-X Official Japan 2020

Rilakkuma -Rilakkuma Douwa- 

One day, when korilakkuma asked Rilakkuma to play a fairy tale, he began to loosely fantasize about the world of fairy tales in his hazy imagination.

This is the beginning of Rilakkuma fairy tales, which is slower and happier than “Snow White”, “Little Red Riding Hood” and “Cinderella”, which everyone knows.


You can enjoy shooting plushie with this one!
This is a gorgeous plushie set!
You can take your clothes off your plushie keychain!
When you open the back of the box, you can combine the plushie, the accessories and the stage for a cute photo shoot!
A photography booklet is included.

Size: 160 x 225 x 70 mm
Specifications: Accessories: Polyester
Set Contents :
Outing Plushie Keychain (Rilakkuma)
Rilakkuma Yukihime Dress
Seven chairoi koguma cushions
Bed in the flower garden


Product Company : San-X

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