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[NEW] Star Kirby Can Badge Good!! Kirameki PUPUPU Set-Button Badge Making Toy Bandai Japan 2020


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You can create your own one-of-a-kind badge.

Kirby appears in the “CanBadgeGood!” series!

You can easily make Kirby’s badge just by setting the materials and turning the handle.

How to play
1. Set the material
2. Twirl it around.
3. It’s done.

Design your own badge on our dedicated design site!

Process the photos and illustrations you take with your smartphone or computer.
Let’s print them out with a printer and make original badges.
There are designs you can use as they are!

All kinds of fun!

You can enjoy both badges and key chains.
You can also make glittery badges with glitter sheets.

Console 1, Design Sheet 1, Template 1, Top 10 parts, Bottom 10 parts, Safety Pin 8 parts, Keychain 2 parts, Ball Chain 2, Glitter Sheet 10

*Product Comapny : Bandai

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