[NEW] Star Kirby -Fluffy Puffy Mine – Mini Figure [ DEC 2020 ] Bandai Spirits Japan


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[NEW] Star Kirby -Fluffy Puffy Mine Figure [ DEC 2020 ] Bandai Spirits Japan

Fluffy Puffy, a series of flocked figures from Banpresto that have a three-dimensional, fluffy feel to them, will be joined by Kirby, Waddle dee, and Waddle Dee and Snowman from the popular game Star Kirby.

All of them are based on the motif of “playing in the snow” and have winter-like shapes.

Body size: H40mm

3 Models:

B.Waddle Dee
C.Waddle Dee and Snowman

*Product Comapny : Bandai Spirits


A.Kirby, B.Waddle Dee, C.Waddle Dee and Snowman

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