[NEW] Star Kirby MUTEKI ! SUTEKI! CLOSET Kirby Shape Button Badge and Cover [JUN 2021 ] Ensky Japan


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Here comes a cute Kirby shape badge!

This product’s Kirby shape badge can be used with the “Kirby shape badge cover” (sold separately).
The back of the badge has a logo design.

Total 6 types
Set includes: 1 badge
Product size: H50 x W57 x D7mm
Material: M, Paper, PP
Age: 7 years old and up

*Product Comapny : Ensky


1. Nikkori (Badge), 2. Osumashi (Badge), 3. Suyasuya (Badge), 4. Yellow (Badge), 5. Green (Badge), 6. Red (Badge), A. Sword (Cover), B. Sleep (Cover), C. Doctor (Cover), D. Ketai (Cover), E. Costume Meta Knight (Cover), F. Costume Whispy Woods (Cover)

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