[Pre-Order] [NEW] Star Kirby MUTEKI ! SUTEKI! CLOSET Plushie Series 3 [NOV 2021 ] Sanei Boueki Japan


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Release Date : NOV 2021.
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The MUTEKI! SUTEKI! CLOSET plushie is made of cute fabric and is a palm-sized plushie.

4 Models:

2.Ninja: W135×D90×H115mm
3.Character Costume (Bandana Waddle Dee) : W125×D100×H125mm
4.Character Costume (Daroach): W155×D110×H150mm

*Product Comapny : Sanei Boueki


1.Beam, 2.Ninja, 3.Character Costume (Bandana Waddle Dee), 4.Character Costume (Daroach)

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