[NEW] Tamagotchi Meets Fantasy Meets Ver. -Purple/Blue Bandai [13 JUL 2019]

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*Color : Purple/Blue
*Language : Japanese.

Will the next Tamagotchi be raised? The variations of “Nowtama” (your own unique Tamagotchi) are endless? In addition to “m! X play” (play where the features of the parent get married to the next generation), twins and Tama pets appear! In addition, let’s go out to “Tamagotchitsu app”, let’s be proud to meet the Now Tama of the country!

In fantasy meets ver., You can experience various stories with “Fushigi na Ehon”! You can get a more unique Nowatama by putting it on the Hakuba, and jumping out of the ramp.

**Odekakesaki limited to fantasy meets ver. are “Prince Palace”, “Arabian Night” and “Fushiginokuni”.

**The limited characters are 6 characters of “Princemamatchi”, “Lovelyprincesstchi”, “Meloarabian”, “lampnopatchi”, “Yumemialice” and “Kirarihatter”.


Tamagotcchi Meets Fantasy meets Ver. … 1
Instruction manual … 1

Product size(Box)
80 mm × 110 mm × 50 mm

Target age

Not including battery: 2xAAA

This model can connect with “Tamagotchi meets APP” however for now we can’t confirm whether you can download this APP easily in your country. ( Sometimes Japanese App is only for domestic use, you may need to do something special to use such as VPN connection. And we can’t provide the support about it) Please understand before you make purchase.



Purple, Blue

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