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Release Date : JUN 2021.
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***The content of the game is the same for all colors.

Tamagotchi from Disney’s Twisted Wonderland
Twistetchi from Disney’s Twisted Wonderland!
~There are seven different designs, and a dormitory charm is included!

Product Description
The “Twistetchi” Tamagotchi from “Disney’s Twisted Wonderland” is now available!

The design of the main unit is based on the image of each dormitory in “Night Raven College”. The included dormitory charm is made of silver-colored die-cast metal, and can be hung together with the ball chain of the Twistetchi itself.

In addition, the special case has a black base with each dormitory’s emblem printed in foil for a high quality feel.

In the game, players can enter Night Raven College to experience the school life with Grimm, occasionally feeding him macaroons and tuna cans, and taming him with the tap of a button.

Two types of lessons are available in the mini-games: “History of Magic” and “Alchemy”.

In this product, not only “Grim” but also 22 other dormitory students from “Disney’s Twisted Wonderland” appear, and the characters that appear in the game change depending on the progress of the game.

In addition, various graphics of each dormitory head and teacher appear in the time effects that are displayed at certain times. As you progress through the trial enrollment, events such as a mock enrollment ceremony and a welcome party at the dormitory will also occur.

Set Contents
User’s Manual…1

Product size
Twistetchi…H40mm x W30mm x D30mm each

Charm (HEARTSLABYUL)…H29mm x W20mm x D3mm
Charm (SAVANACLAW)…H30mm x W19mm x D5mm
Charm (OCTAVINELLE)…H29mm x W24mm x D5mm
Charm (SCARABIA)…H30mm x W14mm x D4mm
Charm (POMEFIORE)…H28mm x W16mm x D4mm
Charm (IGNIHYDE)…H30mm x W19mm x D4mm
Charm (DIASOMNIA)…H27mm x W20mm x D4mm

Product material
Twistetchi…ABS, PC, SI
Charms: ZnDC each

LR44 x 2 (included)
The batteries are for testing only.

Age range
15 years old and up

*Japanese product. The language is in Japanese.
*This product may be sold also outside of Japan.


1.HEARTSLABYUL (Red/Black), 2.SAVANACLAW (Yellow), 3.OCTAVINELLE (Purple), 4.SCARABIA (Red/Orange), 5.POMEFIORE (Navy), 6.IGNIHYDE (Blue), 7.DIASOMNIA (Black)

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