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[NEW] Vital Bracelet Digital Monster ver. Black | White Bandai [MAR 2021]


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Because this product has a built-in lithium-ion battery, we can only ship up to two pcs per shipment.
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A series of wearable LCD toys that allow you to develop and evolve your character based on your activity, such as your heart rate and number of steps.
From the wearable LCD toy series “Vital Bracelet” comes “Digital Monster ver.”

It has a built-in NFC chip, and can be used with smartphones equipped with NFC that emit radio waves or IC card readers in the city.
You can auto-battle Digimon by touching them with IC devices such as card readers in the city.
Using the dedicated app, you can manage your raised Digimon, register them in a picture book, and even battle online.

By inserting a Dim card (sold separately), you can change the area and the Digimon you raised.

(All items other than those included in this product are sold separately.

Set Contents
Vital Breath Digital Monster ver. 1
Impulse City Dim Card … 1
VS Dim card … 1
Charging cable…1



Black, White