[NEW] Digmon Pendulum Z Premium Bandai [NOV 2020]


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*Color : Deep Savers (Blue) | Nature Spirits (Green) | Nightmare Soldiers(Black)
*Premium Bandai Limited Order Item.

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A new series of portable LCD toys, Digimon Pendulum, has begun!

Digimon Pendulum Z’ contains more than 100 Digimon, including new Digimon.

~The lineup has been redesigned with pendulum sensors and other features from the original release.

Product Description

Portable LCD Grower Game “Digital Monster” Series
A new release based on the Digimon Pendulum series released in 1998, ” Digimon Pendulum Z” has been released.

Just like the first release of the series, it is equipped with a pendulum sensor and jog-less function. There are more than 100 Digimon in total in the three different models. New Digimon such as “Sunarizamon” and “Sangomon” are included.

In addition, Digimon from 1998 to 2020 have been reconstructed in the same force as at the time, “Nature Spirits,” “Deep Savers” and “Nightmare Soldiers,”

By communicating with one of the different versions of the Digimon Pendulum Z series The evolutionary routes of popular characters such as “Teilmon”, “Armadimon” and “Wormmon” are Each will be released.

Furthermore, by communicating with two of them, the “Agumon Route” and “Agumon Route”, which are evolutionary routes, are released! In addition, the first LCD toy, “Agumon – Kizuna of Courage -” will be able to be raised.

The breeding function has a pendulum function. Depending on the number of times she plays the Pendulum, her training results and her attack power will change.

Set Includes
Digimon Pendulum Z ..1

W 63mm x H 43mm x D 19mm


15 years old and up.

CR2032 x 1 (included) *The batteries in the set are for testing purposes only.


Deep Savers (Blue), Nature Spirits (Green), Nightmare Soldiers(Black), All 3 Models Set