[NEW] Tenori Oshaberi Motchimaruzu – Squishy Mascot Figure -Cream Hamster | Berry Hamster | Blue Berry Cat | Biscuit Dog – Sega Toys Japan [18 JUL 2019]

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This is not electronic toy, just a squishy mascot including talking function. But it includes a code to play secret game in “Motchimaruzu Punitto Nyanko”.

*Color : Cream Hamster | Berry Hamster | Blue Berry Cat | Biscuit Dog
*Including : Tenori Oshaberi Motchimaruzu x1, Manual x1
*Size : 70×70×70mm
*Age : 6 and UP
*Battery included. ( LR44x1 battery )

Talk with your motchimaruzu in your palm!
mochi mochi Let’s love it!
The motchimaruzu character mochi mochi feels good!
It became a palm size squeeze mascot!
Put it on your palm and chat with lots of cute voices.
10 words or more in all!
The package contains secret code, and if you enter it separately, “motchimaruzu punitto nyanko”,
Secret game can be released.

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Cream Hamster, Berry Hamster, Blue Berry Cat, Biscuit Dog