[NEW] Star Kirby Mocchi-Mocchi-Game Style Plush Doll/Mascot [ APR 2020 ] Takara Tomy Arts Japan [Clearance]

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From the Mochimochi-Mocchi series of plush toys that are soft to the touch, comes the Star’s Kirby S size and mascot size!

4 Models:

(1) Kirby Plush (S)  / 150 mm(h)
(2) Waddle Dee (S) / 150 mm(h)
(3) Kirby (Mascot Size)  / 80mm(h)
(4) Waddle Dee (Mascot Size) / 90mm(h)

*Product Comapny : Takara Tomy Arts


(1) Kirby Plush (S) , (2) Waddle Dee (S), (3) Kirby (Mascot Size), (4) Waddle Dee (Mascot Size)

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