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[Surprising Price][NEW] Digital Monster X ver.2 “Red & Purple Set” Premium Bandai [NOV 2019]


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*Color : Red and Purple / 2 colors Set.
*Premium Bandai Limited Order Item.

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2 Colors Set :
Red : Digimon … 1 ,Instruction manual … 1, Booklet … 1
Purple : Digimon … 1 ,Instruction manual … 1, Booklet … 1

Product size
W about 58 mm × H about 41 mm × D about 18 mm

Product material
Body … ABS, PC, SI
Brochure … paper

Target age

CR2032 × 1  (attached) * The set batteries are for testing.

Official Description (by google translation,please understand)

“Digital Monster X Ver. 2” is here.

This is a sequel to “Digital Monster X” in which a large number of “X Antibody Digimon” that has achieved “X-Evolution” has been recorded.

In this work, the evil Digimon called “The Seven Great Demon Lords” achieves “X-Evolution” and gathers up.

A total of 91 kinds of X antibody digimon such as “Barubamon (X antibody)” and “Leviamon (X antibody)” for the first appearance of portable liquid crystal growth games, “Stifilmon”, “Kaiser Leomon”, etc. The body of Digimon will appear.

In addition, a total of 18 Digimon such as “Dark Tyranon Mon” and “Numemon” appeared X-evolved. As in the previous work, a booklet that illustrates the stage setting of the toy is also included.

-Evolution point-
The point of evolution of this product is that the number of appeared Digimon has greatly increased, and 60 nurturable Digimon (total of 2 types) and 31 enemy Digimon (common to 2 types) will be released.

In addition, communication with the previous “Digital Monster X Black / White” causes a special event.

If you win the battle, you can advance the map in the digital world.

The “map system” has greatly improved the area where you can adventure with this work to 45 areas.

In each area, Digimon, which is an area boss, appears. Furthermore, a hidden area appears by communicating “Digital Monster X Ver. 2 Red” and “Digital Monster X Ver. 2 Purple”. Clearing the hidden area will increase the evolution of some Digimon.

In the battle system, you can enjoy a powerful battle with “cut in animation” where the face of Digimon is up at the timing of making a special move during the battle as in the previous game.

In addition, in the dice probability function “XAI (sai) system” that brings about a major change in battle and development, the speed of its own attack gauge changes with the number of items by rolling the dice before the battle.

Furthermore, it is possible to replace it with the growing Digimon with a backup system that can save up to 2 Digimon while keeping the training status.




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