[NEW] Tetris Mini – Gametech Japan [8 OCT 2020] Official Licensed Product

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Mini-type Tetris® with a key holder is back.
Officially licensed by the Tetris Company.

1.This is a handheld game machine that has been officially licensed by the Tetris Company.

This is an officially licensed product of the Tetris Company.

2.This is a game with three different game modes.

Marathon mode :The speed of the game increases every time you clear 10 lines.
20 lines mode: Compete to clear 20 lines as fast as you can.
Ultra mode:Try to erase as many lines as you can in 120 seconds.

You can enjoy it in three authentic game modes.

3. A key ring is included, so it’s a great accessory.

You don’t need batteries and you can charge it through the USBAC adapter or USB port with the MicroUSB cable.

4.Even though it is a mini-game, you can use the “T-Spin” technique.

Screen size: 12 squares (height) x 8 squares (width)

Charging time: About 1 hour
Input: 5.0V/500mA
Charging method: microUSB cable
A microUSB cable (sold separately) is required to charge this product.
Size: 4.3cm (width) x 6.0cm (height) x 1.5cm (depth)
LCD size: 2.8 cm (width) x 3.7 cm (height)
Including: Tetris®mini – 1pc

***Due to the fact that this item has an internal lithium-ion battery, we can only send a maximum of 2 items in one shipment. If you wish to purchase more than 3 units, please divide your purchase into multiple shipments.


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