Shopping Guide / Policy

When you place order, you must agree for all of our policy below.



**We can't write undervalue or as gift on the ship label, so Please check about your country's custom duty before you buying our items.

**If you have to pay "Custom charge " in your country, it's not our income or mistake. The custom duty is completely buyer's responsibility on our store. Please understand.

[Shipping Method]

Our default shipping method is "Air Mail w/ Tracking No." by Japan Post. You can track it on Japan Post Website or your country's postal website. We don't use SAL or Sea-Ship to avoid the trouble of too late delivery.

Option: You can upgrade the ship method to EMS or DHL Express. It's international Express Air Mail service.  You need to add "EMS" or "DHL" listing to your shopping cart and make payment with your items at once.


We can ship your items usually within 2-3 working days after payment completed.
( Sometimes it takes a little more if many order coming or by our holiday. please understand )

Shipping duration  -  Registered Air  : 7-21 days     EMS : 4-7 days

If the pack is caught in your country's custom, or unexpected delay happens in transport, it may take more days to arrive. Please understand your purchase is "International Delivery". Especially in Gift Season, it will take more days than usual.

[Combined Ship]

When you buy multiple items, we can ship them at combined ship cost.

For example when you buy these 3 items.

item 1 : price $5.00 + ship cost $6.00

item 2: price $5.00 + ship cost  $8.00

item 3: price $5.00 + ship cost $10.00.

You need to pay only most expensive ship cost of item 3 $10.00. 

Total cost is $5.00 + $5.00 + $5.00 + ship $10.00 = $25.00


We can accept your payment via Paypal and directly credit card.
*If your pack charged in your country's custom, we are afraid we can't pay any import charge instead of you. Custom duty is buyer's responsibility in our transaction.

Return Policy

We can accept the return. You need to ask to us within 30days since the pack arrived at your hands. The return is sorted to 2 kinds.

1.Buyer's responsiblility - return cost is paid by buyer.

Change mind, not reading the description, or mistake purchase etc...the reason of return is not on us.In this case you need to pay return cost. After receive the pack, we will refund money excepting shipping cost.

2.Seller's responsibility - return cost is paid by seller.

Defects or trouble found, not described in the pages, initial fgailure of brand-new items etc..the reason of return is on us. In this case we pay return cost after receive the pack. Please keep the receipt of shipment.

***Attention about the return of "Brand-New" item***

Basically we can't accept the return of Brand-New item excepting "Initial Failure"and"Broken Item". If you don't open it at all, we may be able to accept. Once opened, we can't accept the return.

Prohibited Activities

1. Unreasonable Requests

We can't accept any claim for the import charge and unavoidable shipping delay by Postal Service.

We can accept return or refund in issues but we can't always accept to "ship the replacement". Or we can't accept return or refund "without any proof of issues".

We can't reply to message immeadiately. We are based in Japan, there is time shift and we don't work 24hours all. Please wait at least 24 hours until we reply to your message. Please don't send same emails or social messages many times. If you don't receive reply after 48 hours, please ask to us again. Or Please try other way (There is a possiblity email didn't arrive or our email returned to us by something reason)

2. Any Chargeback

We will refund or at least accept return if any issue happens in our transaction. So customers don't need to open any chargeback at all. So when customer open any chargeback case, we regard it as the harassing or scam.

3. Obstruction of Our Business

Leavinig comments on our socials or post on customer's socials about the issue, claim about the transaction, or abusing comment for us. We will regard it as the activity of the obstruction for our business. Because we difinitely answer for any claim by email or message. We thinking no one need to write it on Socials.

If we find these Prohibited Activities, we are afraid we don't deal with that customer anymore and remove from our all socials. Please understand.

When you place order, you must agree for all of our policy.